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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 - Will my GP be contacted?


I may write to your GP but only with your consent to let them know what we have discussed in our consultation. You can have a copy of the letter sent to you as well if you wish.




Q2 - What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?


Here is  a very good link from the British Dietetic Association to a leaflet explaining the difference between dietitians, nutritionists and nutritional therapists...





Q3 - How can I check Cordelia is a registered health professional?


You can look on the Health Care and Professionals Counsel (HCPC) website which has an online register and search for Cordelia Woodward under the profession of Dietitian. My registration number is DT25619.



Q4 - What if I need to cancel my booked appointment?

This is not a problem but we do ask that if possible you could please give at least 24 hours notice before the scheduled appointment.


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frequently asked questions

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