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Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

Data Protection


By engaging in the services of Cordelia Woodward RD, you are providing consent for the collection of relevant demographic, social and medical details to help with your assessment and treatment plan. As part of the consultation Cordelia may ask for your approval to write to your GP or other health professionals informing them of the assessment and treatment plan. Your details will not be passed onto third parties without your prior consent.

All data and information gathered from you will be treated with the strictest confidence and in accordance with current UK Data Protection Legislation.


Implementation of Plan


Following the assessment you will be provided with a dietary treatment plan designed to help you achieve your goals. You are solely responsible for the implementation of this plan and are responsible for your own decisions and actions.


Cancellation Policy


Once engaged in consultation you are obliged to disburse the full payment. However, no fee will need to be contributed if a cancellation occurs before the consultation is in progress. Consultation in progress is defined as information given to you regarding your treatment.




Information contained on the website is considered accurate at the time of publication. Information has the potential to become out of date before Cordelia is able to update the website. Information contained on this website is only applicable to UK citizens and may differ to other countries/jurisdictions.  

Cordelia is not responsible for the contents of other websites that are linked within CWDietetics.co.uk.


If you do have any queries/comments on the quality of information contained on the website then please inform Cordelia of this by emailing [email protected]

Disclaimer /

terms & conditions

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